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Implications for Counseling Women Recovering from Binge Eating Disorder

by Jennifer Jondreau Thompson, Ph.D., LPC

Treatment Modalities

When working with a woman with BED, a feminist psychodynamic therapist would ask, “What is this woman really hungry for?” A self-psychologist would ask the question, “What void (need) is this woman trying to satisfy with food?” And, a behaviorist would ask, “What can this woman do to better manage her disordered eating?” The data from the present study provided insight into the best types of psychotherapy needed for women in recovery from BED.
Feminist therapists contend that counseling provides an opportunity for women to reclaim their voice. (Gilligan, 1991; Orbach, 1998). Wastell (1996), a counselor and author, believed that counselors working with women should emphasize the importance of connectedness and assist their clients in finding their lost voice.

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