Special Events with Jennifer Jondreau Thompson, Ph.D. ~ Psychotherapist

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6-Week Workshop
for Women

Based on the book Women, Food & God by Geenan Roth

To be Announced

166 Albany Turnpike
Canton CT 06019  Directions

Cost:  $100

Registration:   Payment options are available, please contact me for more details.

By Phone: (860) 838-2071

Group Description: Each group will include; meditation exercises, listening to an excerpt from the book, journaling, and time for therapeutic group process.

About the facilitator:  Jennifer Jondreau Thompson, Ph.D., has been working with women since 1993. Her Ph.D. dissertation titled, “What Does She Hunger For?” explored the social supports used by women in recovery from binge eating.

Dr. Thompson's desire to design and facilitate this workshop came after listening to the first 5 minutes of Roth's book on DVD. The author's words accurately describe life in a women's body and mind, especially women who use food as a coping mechanism. Roth's blend of humor, compassion and truth make it an excellent tool to further exploring the relationship between one's mind, body and spirit.