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Addiction can be a way to keep the "dark" feelings away. Often times clients will say, "But won't feeling these feelings kill me?".

With a thought like this it is no wonder someone will choose to use alcohol, drugs, food, sex or cigarettes to not feel.  The truth is that the feelings will NOT kill you.  With support and compassion individuals can move their way into and then out of the darkness.  

Grief & Loss

Most people are familiar with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross's five stages of grief:

Jennifer helps her clients identify with these stages of grief while understanding that the stages don't always happen in a linear fashion.  An individual does not "finish" with one and then move on.  The grief process is more dynamic, ebbing and flowing from one stage to the next and back again.

Body Image &
Eating Disorders

If you are preoccupied with thoughts similar to these you are not alone.  In our culture, individuals are definitely hungry, but not always for food.  We are also told that having the "perfect" body will bring happiness, love and (finally) self-acceptance.

Work with Jennifer involves finding out what you are "hungry" for and then figuring out how to give that to yourself.

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