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Jennifer offers the
following services...

Individual Counseling:Anxiety, Depression,Grief & Loss, Body Image, Addiction & Recovery, Trauma, Parenting, Conflict Resolution

Couples Counseling: Most relationships will experience tension at some point. The focus in Couples Counseling is to allow each person to be heard and to hear themselves. It is important to take time to identify the negative patterns of interacting and understand their purpose. Often times this is best done with a 3rd person present. The therapist can steer you away from blame and shame and help your relationship maintain a sense of intimacy.


Group Therapy: Being part of a therapeutic group can be a very powerful experience for individuals. Not only does one get the opportunity to work through hard issues but does so with the support of a group. Group therapy is a great place to "practice" all the skills one needs in interpersonal relationships. My "Women's Empowerment Group" has become a popular one: Check it Out »

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